There are three types of Insured Property that are managed in CBA: Contractors, Units, and Drivers.  CBA is structured in such a way that these three objects form a hierarchy, with certain prerequisites for the creation of each object.




Contractors are usually Fleet Owners or Owner / Operators, and are associated with Motor Carriers.  In order to add a Contractor, there must first be a Motor Carrier.  Many Contractors may be associated with a single Motor Carrier.


docs_16.gifHow to Add a Contractor




Units are typically trucks or other vehicles, and are associated with Contractors.  In order to add a Unit, there must first be an active Contractor.  Each Unit may be associated with only one Contractor at a time.


docs_16.gifHow to Add a Unit




Drivers are the individuals that operate the vehicles, and are associated with Units.  In order to add a Driver, there must first be an active Unit.  There may be more than one Driver associated with a Unit.


docs_16.gifHow to Add a Driver

docs_16.gifHow to Move a Driver