The Documents feature allows users to attach files to almost any page in CBA.  For example, an application of insurance that has been scanned into PDF format can be attached as a Document on the Contractor page.  Users can download Documents by clicking the Document Name or the Version Link.




Adding Documents


Users can upload files of any type, including Word documents, PDF documents, and Excel spreadsheets.  Once Added, the Documents View displays each Document, along with the following information:


How to Add Documents


Editing Documents



Click Edit next to a Document to update the Name, Document Type, or Notes fields, or to upload a new Version of the existing Document.


Editing a Document's information will not affect the Version Number; only uploading a new Version of the Document will update the Version number.




The Documents feature supports multiple Document Versions.  This allows users to upload a modified or new version of a Document, while retaining the ability to access the previous version.  Each Document has a Version Number, which is displayed to the right of the Document Name.  




To upload a new Version of an existing Document, click Edit, then click Browse... to locate the file.  Click Save This Document to upload the new Version of the Document.  The Version number will be updated  to reflect the change.


Show and Hide Old Documents



By default, only the most recent version of a document is displayed in the Documents View.  Click Show next to Old Documents to display previous versions of a Document.







The Document that is displayed by default when Old Documents are hidden can be changed.  Click Show next to Old Documents, then click the icon next to the Document that should be displayed by default.







Inactivating Documents


Click the Close link on the right side of the Documents View to inactivate a Document.  Inactivated (or closed?) Documents can be reactivated by clicking the Restore link that replaces the Edit and Close links.




Using Export to Work with Documents


The Export feature can be used to quickly locate objects in CBA that have or are missing specific types of Documents.  For example, Export can be used to generate a list of all Units that have Occupational Accident Coverage, but are missing Occupational Accident Applications.



How to Use Export