docs_16.gifCBA Concepts: Documents


1. Navigate to the page to which you would like to add the Document.



Documents can be added to almost any page in CBA.  Click the Documents tab to open the Documents View.















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2. Click Add New Document.





3. Choose a File to Attach.




Click Browse next to the File to Attach field and select a file.




 At any time, click Discard Changes to cancel.



4. Choose a Document Type and enter any notes.


adddocsD.pngClick the Type dropdown menu to select a Document Type.  The list will contain the different types of documents that have been added by your administrator.  Choose -none- if you are unsure of the type.


If you would like a specific document type added to the list, please contact your administrator.




info_med.gifChoosing a Document Type allows Documents to be easily identified at a quick glance, and also allows provides a basis for filtering Documents when using Export.



Enter any notes you may have into the Notes field.









5. Save the Document.



Click Save This Document to upload the file and save the Document.













6. Review your Changes.



The Document will now appear in the Documents View.  Click Edit to make any changes to the Document.


info.pngYou can verify that the Document was uploaded properly by checking the file size.














info.pngClick the Document Name or Version Number to download the Document.


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CBA Concepts: Documents