docs_16.gifCBA Concepts: Certificates


1. Navigate to the Unit in which you want to add the Interested Party.


a.pngLocate the Unit by navigating to the Contractor the Unit is associated with, or use Search.


info.pngIf you cannot locate the Unit, you can add it, or contact an administrator.


docs_16.gifAdd a new Unit



2. In the “Interested Party" grid, click “Add Interested Party.





3. Select the relationship type.





4. Select the Interested Party.





5. CBA stores all of the certificate holders in the database. If one already exists, you can use the same certificate holder record by toggling ‘Certificate Holder’ and searching for it.


Confirm details and complete the wizard.





6. Once the interested party has been added, you can click on “Create Certificate” to the right. This will launch the wizard to create a certificate with the interested party as the addressee.




CBA Concepts: Certificates