docs_16.gifCBA Concepts: User Options




CBA allows users to customize their experience in several ways.  The Options page can be accessed by clicking the link in the upper right of any page.



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Portal Selection


B.pngThe Portal Selection dropdown menu allows users to select the Portal they wish to browse.  Users that have access to only one Portal will not see this option.  A default Portal can be set by first selecting the Portal from the dropdown menu, then checking the box next to Always Start in This Portal When I Log in and clicking Switch Portals.





User Display Options



The User Display Options menu allows users to customize the appearance of CBA.  


For more information on the Display Closed Items, Show Individual Grid Toggle, and Reset Grid Defaults options, see the Managing Views topic.


docs_16.gifManaging Views








Change Password



Users can use this option to change their CBA password.  Enter the current password and new password, then click Change Password.